About Russo Surfboards

Each Russo Surfboard is made entirely by Rob Russo. Since 1986 I have personally shaped, airbrushed, glassed, sanded, and finished each board. When I custom shape a board, I take your surfing style and ability, and incorporate them with any specific design characteristics you may want. Having only one person complete each step increases quality control, which helps to ensure that you will get the board that lets you surf your best.

I also offer complete repairs of any damaged surfboard, SUP, towboard, kiteboard, and even boats.


EPS and Epoxy Explained

Expanded polystyrene cores (EPS) specifically engineered for surfboard builders make it possible to offer a lighter, stronger board that is custom fit to individual surfers’ needs.

Polystyrene beads are pre-expanded to a particular size; then compressed and fused by steam into block or shape at a specified density. EPS can be engineered to densities similar to polyurethane foam, yet much stronger, and fused to be virtually waterproof. Epoxies can be formulated to have a variety of flex characteristics and still be a lot tougher than polyester resin.

These new epoxy boards feel quick and alive. This type of construction will allow you to reduce the volume of foam you need which allows for a little shorter, narrower, and thinner board for increased performance. Extra flotation is another option. This type of construction is a lot easier on the surfboard builder health-wise, and has far less negative impact on the environment.

My epoxy boards are shaped, airbrushed, glassed, and finished just like “the old way’” and look almost identical to polyester boards. The only difference is better and safer materials. All new board now incorporate goretex vent plugs.

I hope you will give one a try.

–Rob Russo

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